2013 EVP's & Audibles

Electronic voice phenomena (EVP) sounds are speech or speech-like sounds believed by EVP researchers to be of paranormal origin.  They are detected on electronic recording media and while the sounds are not present at the time of the recording they are detected upon playback.  They are typically brief, usually the length of a word or short phrase, and are sometimes direct responses to questions.  EVPs have been observed in diverse media, including but not limited to short-wave radio, ham radio, television, tape recorders, digital audio recorders, and video recorders.  They are typically recorded using digital audio recorders or audio recording computer software. What you are about to hear are EVPs that were caught during some of our investigations.  We have processed all of these EVPs so that you can better hear what we believe is an EVP.   No EVP has ever been faked by GUARD!

Case 13G001

Galesburg Historic Landmark House

This house is a a historic house that once was own by Dr. W.S. Williamson.


 It sounded like a male said "I thought you blocked my hand, but you can hear the male investigator also talking. The voice does not sound like him. He also said that he never said anything like what was said. 3 Thought you blocked my hand.wav

Audible 1

This sound was heard by the group and it did sound like a child but it was to fast to understand the words voice.wav

Audible 1 cleaned and looped voice looped.wav 

Audible 2

This scream was heard by the group while up stairs but not on the main floor. Scream1.wav

 Audible 2 cleaned and looped Scream1or get back.wav


Case 13G002

Canton, IL

GUARD was called into help the family who was feeling as if there was evil. We believed that we helped the family by having the house blessed.

Audible 1 This unknown sound was caught inside of the house. sound.wav

Audible 2 This unknown voice was caught inside of the house. voice 940.wav

 Audible 3 This unknown voice said "HI".

Audible 4 This cat sound caught inside of the house, but the home owner don't have a cat. sound.wav

Audible 5 This unknown voice said "BACK UP". voice just me.wav


Case 13G003

East Peoria  

We had done this house a few years ago but there was no activity. The owners wife had passed away and now the husband claimed there was activity again. The owner of the house is related to one of our investigators, so we were called in to check out the house again.

Audible 1 This unknown sound is believed to be a wheezing sound. The home owners wife passed away and had breathing problems. sound wezz.wav

Audible 2 This unknown voice is believed to be saying "NO" in between the clocks sound in the back ground. reply.wav

Audible 3 This unknown breathing sound. breath sound.wav







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